Budujemy najszybszy samochód w tej części Europy. Planowana moc na kołach ponad 1500 KM co oznacza około 1700 KM na silniku!

Silnik został zbudowany przez firmę TSM z USA, natomiast skrzynia biegów przez firmę Sheptrans, także z USA.

Lista modyfikacji:

TSM 3.8L Billet Crank Short Block; Nissan GT-R -TSM Spec Machine Work
-TSM Spec Oiling Modifications
-TSM Spec CP Custom Pistons
-TSM Spec Carrillo Connecting Rods -TSM Spec SB Billet Crank
-Nissan Bearings (Not stock sizing) -ARP Main Studs
VR38DETT Short Block Core Charge GTR Crank Woodruf Key
ARP 625+ Head Stud Kit: Nissan GT-R VR38DETT TSM Custom Spec Headgasket – TSM 3.8 Liter SB w/ Block Modification (Left Side) WOH
TSM Custom Spec Headgasket – TSM 3.8 Liter SB w/ Block Modification (Right Side) WOH
GTR Engine Gasket Kit; Early
Nissan OEM Three Bond Gasket Maker
GTR Timing Chain Tensioner A – Main Chain
GTR Timing Chain Tensioner B – RH Cam
GTR Timing Chain Tensioner C – LH Cam
GTR Oil Pump Chain Tensioner
GTR Primary Timing Chain
GTR Secondary Chain (2 required)
GTR Oil Pump Chain
GT1R VR38 V2 Billet Pro Harmonic Damper; Billet Steel Construction; SFI 18.1 Certified.
GT1R CNC Engine Oil Pan and oil pickup adaptor. O-ring for pickup adaptor is brown -120 size (qty 2). Includes RHP 814-06-2 drain plug. 1.48 quarts additional capacity.
TSM Products Large Volume Oil Filter Upgrade Kit – R35 GT-R
-Includes 2x WIX Racing 51060R Filter
TSM GT-R Level 1 Street Ported Cylinder Heads
-TSM Valve Job
-TSM Level 1 Street Porting
-TSM Precision Assembly
-GSC Beehive Spring & Retainer Kit
-GSC Intake & Exhaust Valves
-GSC Bronze Valve Guides
VR38DETT Heads Core Charge (Includes both cylinder heads, spark plug tubes, and buckets)
GSC S2 274/274 Duration Camshafts ; Nissan GT-R (upgraded valve springs required)
HKS Iridium Spark Plug R35 GT-R – One Heat Range Colder
ETS Nissan GTR R35 PRO Series Turbo Kit – PRO1700 w/ 3.8L Modifications & PRO Series Y Pipe
Nissan Exhaust Nut (all new hardware for exh manifolds)
TSM Air Pump Delete Block Off Plates – Nissan GT-R TSM GT-R Oil Catch Can
AEM Boost Control Solenoid Kit
Omni Power 4 Bar Speed Density Coversion Harness Nissan GT-R
Boost Logic 3.5″ Titanium Intakes for R35 GTR without MAF Flange
Boost Logic intake manifold
ETS Nissan R35 GT-R Race Intercooler Kit – Add BOV Pipes (TiAL) – Stock Int Manifold, Stock TBs
Tial Q BOV in Silver 11LB Spring
Injector Dynamics 1725cc 12 injector set for R35 GT-R TSM Fuel Rail Kit With Regulator; Nissan GT-R Gotboost Flex Fuel kit for R35 Nissan GT-R
Fore Innovations GT-R Triple Fuel Pump Module – 3x Walbro 274 Pumps, OE Line Adapter Fittings
FC3 Dual/Triple Pump Staged Controller with 4 AWG Wiring Kit
Dodson Pro Max clutch/Alloy version ( Sheptrans spec ) Dodson Heavy Duty clutch return spring retaining clips Dodson Piston shaft seals
Dodson FWD retainer
Dodson Mechanical lock #1
Dodson Mechanical lock #2
Dodson Selector Piston Shims x 4
Dodson O-ring and seal upgrade kit
Dodson Oil pump shaft upgrade with blueprint Dodson Reusable transmission filter
6 neodymium magnets
Dodson High temp rear differential oil seal
ShepTrans FWD ball retainer
ShepTrans Billet front thrust plate
ShepTrans FWD clutch Fluid
OEM Fwd output seal
Dodson 2,4,6 Thrust bearing circlip
Dodson 1,3,5 Thrust bearing circlip
Oem Nissan transmission pan gasket
Transmission and Rear differential Fill plug gasket (2) Rear differential drain plug washer x1
Oem Nissan Rear differential side seals
GT1R rear diff brace
Arp Rear diff bolt upgrade
Dodson Surge/Baffle kit
Dodson Billet Drag Pan Kit
Dodson Rear Reduction Gears ( Drop Gears )
GT-R transmission core charge (will be refunded if a good condition core is sent in)
DSS Nissan GT-R 33 Spline Pro-Level Rear Axles with DSS Rear Axle Stub Shafts
ARP Extended Studs GTR, WRX, STI
Muteki SR48 Lug Nuts – 12×1.25 48mm Black (Open Ended)
Amsoil Signature Series Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid – 2.5 Gallon
TSM GT-R Transmission Catch Can
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